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Top 10 indian Streetwear Brands Setting Trends Nationwide (2024)

 A new wave of streetwear brands has emerged, captivating the attention of fashion enthusiasts nationwide. From edgy designs to bold statements, these brands are redefining what it means to be stylish...

Are you ready to dive into the vibrant world of Indian streetwear fashion? Look no further! In a country known for its rich cultural heritage, a new wave of streetwear brands has emerged, captivating the attention of fashion enthusiasts nationwide. From edgy designs to bold statements, these brands are redefining what it means to be stylish on the streets of India. Whether you're exploring the bustling markets of Mumbai or strolling through the lanes of Delhi, these streetwear labels have something unique to offer for every fashion-forward individual. Get ready to discover the top 10 streetwear brands that are setting the trends and making waves in the Indian fashion scene. From innovative designs to quality craftsmanship, these brands are coveted by fashionistas seeking to make a statement with their streetwear attire. Join us as we take a closer look at each of these dynamic brands, their inspirations, and their impact on the evolving landscape of Indian streetwear fashion. Get inspired, get ready, and get shopping to elevate your street style game to new heights!


Jaywalking, the epitome of Mumbai-born streetwear, emerged in 2019 under the visionary leadership of Jay Jajal. Fusing construction, conceptualization, and craftsmanship with a keen eye for photography, Jaywalking has swiftly earned its stripes as a revered brand. Embracing gender-fluidity and offering a spectrum of ready-to-wear and bespoke creations, he pioneers a niche in Indian streetwear. With collections defined by Jay Jajal's signature flair, the brand fearlessly explores deconstruction and experimentation, weaving memories and attitude into every stitch. Inspired by his own paintings, Jaywalking's aesthetic is a visual symphony, daring individuals to cross boundaries and embrace art and culture. For those unafraid to push limits, Jaywalking is the ultimate destination where streetwear meets self-expression.

Almost Gods, a New Delhi-based fashion label established in 2018 by Dhruv Khurana, transcends boundaries by infusing streetwear with elements of global power symbols rooted in history and mythology. With every collection, the brand invites reflection on the abstract notion of power, spanning past, present, and future, encouraging its audience to engage in similar introspection. Infused with contemporary design aesthetics, Almost Gods resonates with a global audience while embracing the essence of Indian streetwear through its meticulous craftsmanship, handwork, and opulent detailing.


Bluorng, a beacon of innovation in streetwear fashion, sees each garment as a canvas for storytelling, weaving narratives of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Offering a diverse selection ranging from streetwear essentials like tees and hoodies to statement pieces like cargo pants and leather bags, Bluorng continuously pushes the boundaries of creativity within wardrobes. Renowned for its limited-edition streetwear releases that generate anticipation and excitement, Bluorng is celebrated for its commitment to inclusivity through size-inclusive clothing, firmly believing that fashion should be accessible to all. As a trailblazer in the Indian streetwear landscape, Bluorng's story resonates globally. With brand-owned stores in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, alongside an official website, Bluorng provides exclusive platforms for streetwear enthusiasts worldwide to explore and acquire its creations. With worldwide shipping, Bluorng extends its reach, connecting with streetwear aficionados across borders.


VELOCE, a standout in the realm of Indian streetwear, embodies the spirit of the Italian term "velóce," representing speed and the ambition to excel as India's premier streetwear brand. Grounded in culture, art, and modernity, VELOCE seamlessly integrates traditional craftsmanship with contemporary streetwear flair. Each collection pushes the boundaries of streetwear fashion, providing fashion enthusiasts with an avenue for self-expression and creativity. VELOCE invites individuals to join in celebrating streetwear culture while reshaping the fashion landscape both locally and globally.


HUEMN, an acclaimed ready-to-wear fashion label originating from India and with a global retail presence spanning India, the Middle-East, China, Japan, Europe, and the Americas, stands as a testament to innovation and inclusivity. Founded in 2012 by Pranav Misra and Shyma Shetty, HUEMN, pronounced "human," embodies a youthful and dynamic ethos, emphasizing both relevance and responsibility. Grounded in diverse aesthetics, cultural crosscurrents, and evolving narratives, HUEMN crafts products and visuals aimed at sparking dialogue and inspiring introspection. Renowned for collaborations with creative powerhouses and industry leaders, HUEMN initiates conversations on individuality, sustainability, inclusivity, and mindful consumption. Its diverse offerings include HUEMN PROJECT, a series of capsule collections resulting from artistic collaborations, and HUEMN STORIES, an anthology of global narratives and portraits lensed by acclaimed American photographer Mark Hanauer. In the realm of streetwear, HUEMN's influence transcends borders, shaping conversations and driving positive change within the fashion industry.


Introducing a gender-neutral brand committed to delivering comfortable, high-quality garments infused with love. Our mission is to provide unparalleled value, empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves. Bomaachi's remarkable growth is evident, with Prince Shah's continuous presence on social media serving as a key factor in their success story. They encourage you to embrace your true essence – unfiltered, unapologetic, and uniquely you. Let society's judgments fade as you express your individuality through our streetwear-inspired apparel.

Natty Garb, originally established as a blog in 2017 and headquartered in New Delhi, emerges as a distinctive fashion house synonymous with unconventional clothing. Rooted in the fusion of past, present, and future narratives, their raw yet sophisticated designs redefine Indian streetwear. Each piece serves as a canvas for self-expression, embracing ultimate modernity and edgy concepts. Every collection encapsulates an aesthetic celebration, seamlessly blending new techniques and diverse cultural influences. Natty Garb caters to a generation where fashion becomes a vehicle for influential ideas, communicating silently yet powerfully through its innovative streetwear designs.

8. Beyond Extremes

Introducing Beyond Extremes, a pioneering fashion house that seamlessly blends liberal ideals with intuitive decision-making, all rooted in a deep sense of humanity. With a commitment to honoring the past, envisioning the future, and actively contributing to the present, Beyond Extremes crafts experiences that resonate intuitively. Through their design-driven approach, they offer products that serve as a conduit for self-expression, allowing individuals to express themselves authentically. Their mission is to evoke emotions and provide tools for expression, all while marching to the beat of our own rhythm. Within the realm of streetwear, Beyond Extremes is redefining fashion as a medium for personal and societal transformation.

9. Esthreall

Enter the enchanting realm of Esthreall, where the fusion of aesthetics and ethereal beauty intertwines seamlessly. As a brand, Esthreall embodies the essence of creativity and elegance, blending practicality with the enchantment of artistry. In this world, ordinary moments transform into extraordinary encounters, and every creation is a testament to the dedication to bridging dreams with reality. Esthreall transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in a universe where imagination reigns supreme. Through meticulously crafted products, Esthreall inspires wonder and ignites the imagination, blurring the lines between the seen and the unseen. It's more than just streetwear; it's a journey into a world where beauty and magic intertwine effortlessly, inviting all to experience the extraordinary in the everyday.

Blalow epitomizes the aspiration to make a bold statement in the fashion world. Their mission, "Reverse the Reality," is all about encouraging individuals to embrace their distinctiveness. They advocate for a fashion realm without limits, blending European elegance with global inspirations through meticulously crafted designs originating from Europe and produced in India. What distinguishes Blalow is their unwavering dedication to quality and artistry, evident in every garment's intricate detailing, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also longevity. Sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of their ethos, with close collaboration with manufacturing partners to minimize environmental impact. Blalow invites everyone to join their journey of exploration, boundary-pushing, and celebration of uniqueness, envisioning a fashion revolution that instills confidence and style in individuals, effectively reversing conventional norms.

As these top 10 streetwear brands continue to push the envelope and shape the evolving landscape of Indian fashion, they invite us all to join in the celebration. So, let's embrace the chaos of colors, the rhythm of the streets, and the spirit of innovation. Let's dive headfirst into this dynamic world of Indian streetwear fashion and discover the true essence of style and self-expression.


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